Clément Gaudard


29 rue dussoubs
Paris, France
06 10 71 08 11


I am a reliable project manager who likes to tackle tough challenges for both global corporate leaders and as a freelance web developer. Working on different projects at the same time with people from diverse backgrounds brought me the flexibility and tact, which is critical to best serving clients.

Why me?

I offer expertise and an analytical mindset at competitive rates compared to most classical agencies.

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Opquast Web Quality
  • Code Academy
Digital Native

Passionate from an early age, I stay up to date with the latest digital trends and innovations.


You will benefit from my professional network to find the solutions and people for your future projects.

  • Design Creation
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Management
MBA Silicon Valley Student

Graduated of a Web Business MBA in Silicon Valley, I'm offering you my expertise developed in the Bay.

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